Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Roundtable Mix

I'm always delighted when people introduce me to new sounds and images. This beautifully woven audio collage by Roundtable label boss, James Pianta, is perhaps a perfect example of this. I think it's a corker of a mix. I hope you do to. Tracklist in comments.


A Sound Awareness said...

Here's the tracklist.

1. Pierre Henry – Generique (Theme de Myriam). French Soundtrack.
2. Eric Demarsan - Vogel S’enfuit. French Crime Soundtrack.
3. Neil Ardley – Barren Landscape. UK Library Jazz
4. N.A.D.M.A – Atlantide Maya Veda Rhyton. Italian Spiritual Jazz.
5. Christopher Gunning – Ritual Murder. UK Soundtrack.
6. The Roundtable – Scarborough Fair. UK Consort Jazz.
7. Art Ensemble Of Chicago – Theme Amour Universal. US Jazz/French Soundtrack.
8. Cathie O’Sullivan – There’s Anguish. Australian Folk.
9. Rino De Filippi – Fissazione Nostalgica. Italian Library.
10. Rino De Filippi – L’uomo Che Fu. Italian Library.
11. Adjenar Sidhar Khan - Calcutta Devi. French Indo Psych.
12. G. Iacoucci – Agente Segreto. Italian Library.
13. Jim Minchin – A Hymne To God The Father. Australian Religious Jazz.
14. Sven Libaek – A Man And A Mural. Australian Documentary Music.
15. Marek Grechuta & Anawa – Widziec Wiecej. Polish Prog Folk.
16. Andrzej Kurylewicz – Oscillaziones. Polish Avant Garde as UK Library.
17. Bruce Devenish – Holy Communion Music. Australian Liturgical Jazz.
18. Don Cherry – Isla (The Sapphic Sleep). US Soundtrack.

øשlqæda said...


A Sound Awareness said...

Glad you liked it brother Owl!

DJ Kinetic said...

Nice one James! Props on including the great Jim Minchin track!

Cthulhu said...

Excellent! Really enjoyed this! Cheers