Saturday, October 29, 2011

Edition Fieber

Shrigley Forced To Speak With Others – "The Tree" by Edition Fieber
Shrigley Forced To Speak With Others – "Bong Your Dong Against The Gong" by Edition Fieber
Here's a little project I helped create. I'd almost forgotten about it but a small box of 7" singles arrived on my doorstep this morning and when I opened it I got a little excited. Probably more so than I should of. I did the audio warble and some other bloke scrawled the artwork and wrote the lyrics. I rather like them. Dinky little things. Maybe, it's because the covers look so rubbish, maybe it's the pink vinyl, I really don't know. There's more information about the project here. Oh and the price tag, absolutely mental.


Ben said...

This is awesome - congrats!

ahoi! said...

Just ordered one! Looking forward.

A Sound Awareness said...

..... you should have said, I would have swopped it for a JN dvd!