Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sculpture Sonores

This piece of music haunted me as child and I still find it eerie as an adult.  The music is entitled "Manache" by Lasry-Baschet.  It was used as the theme for an ITV children's educational programme which was aimed at five to eleven year olds.  Years later, after an internet trawl, I located a little 10" record of this music.  It's all very odd.  Even the instruments are odd.  Another reason I find this odd, is that one of the musicians is flying through the air.  Not very oddly, I've posted some images for you to enjoy.


Ben said...

I didn't realize the Picture Box theme was a Lasry-Baschet tune. Will be searching for that record.

Nick said...

It reminds me of Oval Emerald Vertigo by Bibio. Check that tune out.