Thursday, May 27, 2010


Haus-Rucker-Co was an experimental Viennese architectural and design collective founded in 1967.  They produced a wide range of ‘disposable architecture’ which included pneumatic structures, air-mattresses and very odd look helmets which were designed to change sensory impressions.  These designs look odd, slightly perverse yet strangely futuristic and tinged with a spirit of radical sixties optimism.  


the saucer people said...

Absolutely astonishing images from Haus-Rucker-Co, rarely does conception and design resonate at such a high aesthetic level.
On one level, quintessentially 'sixties' yet on another level they still have that 'futuristic' quality in the same way 2001 Space Odyssey's set design still evokes the sense of a 'nostalgia for the future'.

I have just done a search for some more Haus-Rucker-Co which in turn has led me to the 2008 book:

'Spaced Out: crash pads, hippie communes, infinity machines and other radical environments of the
psychedelic sixties' by Alastair Gordon

Definitely one to order next pay day, thanks for leading me to it!

A Sound Awareness said...

I've a copy of that book, some fantastic images in it.