Friday, December 23, 2011

Smoke Ghosts & Dark Mimics

Nearly the end of another year. Many thanks for following the blog. Here's a little audio collage of my favourite musical discoveries this year. I hope you enjoy. I'm not sure what kind of bandwidth I have but try to grab the mix it while it's available. Tracklist in comments. Happy Solstmas.


A Sound Awareness said...

1. Tully - Cat-Clarinet Mit Orgel
2. Colored Mushroom And The Medicine Rocks - Follow The Path
3. Armando Sciascia - In The Ocean Depths
4. Brian Bennett - Hideout
5. Armando Sciascia - Assonanza In Mi
6. Tod Dockstader - Snap Prance
7. Bruno Nicolai - La Dama Rossa Uccide Sette Volte [Preludio & Titoli]
8. MRR-ADM - 6IX
9. Roger Davy - Blizzard Sur Hurlemont
10. World Standard - 親愛なる日記 II
11. Jean Cousineau - Fugue Avec Marie
12. Bruno Nicolai - Giostra
13. Syd Dale - Floating Woodwind
14. Bruno Nicolai - Propiziazione
15. Miroslav Skorik - Remember Me Ivanko, At Least Twice a Day. I Remember You Seven Times An Hour
16. Kama Aina - The Coo Coo Bird 1
17. Dave Goulder & Liz Dyer - The January Man
18. David Shrigley & Martin Young - I Am Good
19. Alva - The Bells Of Paradise
20. David Munrow & The Early Music Consort Of London - The Dream
21. Costanzo Plus Tubbs - Lament For Cello
22. Oren Marshall - 6
23. Minoru Muraoka & New Dimension Group - テイク・ファイブ

Ben said...

This is so beautiful, Martin. The songs are like Matryoshka dolls nestled into each other. I'm totally blown away.

A Sound Awareness said...

Cheers Ben! Glad you enjoyed it.

Keith Seatman said...

Wonderful mix.

A Sound Awareness said...

Thanks Keith.

Dun Ra said...

Great mix! You should do these more often.
Happy new year!

A Sound Awareness said...

Cheers. There's hopefully going to be a few more this year.

jus'jay said...

Finished listening to it today whilst driving in the windy countryside. love it . Happy new year !

dispo said...

I finally listened to your excellent mix! Thanks for it, it's really wonderful! That Kama Aina album is an all time favorite of mine. Works really well in this context of timeless music from all sorts of decades and centuries.

A Sound Awareness said...

Thanks for the great feedback.

Crystal(RB) said...

This was wonderful ...!
Turned me on to a whole bunch of new music
Thoroughly enjoyed it and have to say cheers and thanks loads
I'm new to your blog
New Year
New Musical Perspective
New Treasure-Trove-blog
Happy New Year to you [A Sound Awareness]
*still listening to the mix while typing the comment & grinning from ear to ear*

A Sound Awareness said...

Many thanks for your kind comments.