Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Veris The Program Mix

For those that like to dig a little bit deeper, here's a new audio collage of oddball library music and eccentic vibrations by vinyl archaeologist Veris The Program (one half of Mondo Fuzz). I've enjoyed his collections of underexposed and mostly ungoogleable sounds for years and this mix is no exception. Lovely stuff. Should you wish to dig and delve further, Veris was also responsible for this rather wonderful mix on Finders Keepers a while back. Tracklist in comments. Enjoy.

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A Sound Awareness said...

Memo - Misty River
M.Frog - Champegarpaen
Shop Voices - Reflections
Klaus Weiss - Downhill Run
Mirot - Stuntman
Matchless Sound - Misterious (sic) Landscape
V.D.B Joel - AD -DA
Christian Bruhn - Die Schwarze Nelke
Sorgini - Amboseli
Vincent Dionne - Seven Eight
Neli Norman and his Cosmic Orchestra - Not of this earth