Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Stan VanDerBeek

Anyone with even a passing interest in collage, whether it be audio or visual, should jump instantly hastily into the oddball world of Mr. VanDerBeek.  Stan VanDerBeek was an early pioneer in the development of experimental film and animation techniques.  His films display a humour and a lightness of touch which seems lacking in much of todays experimental cinema.  It's clear to see how his work was inspirational to a young Terry Gilliam.  I hope you enjoy this cinematic wonder from 1959.

The range of his work is startling, from direct painting on film, collage and stop animation.  His work was always searching for new methods of representation, exploring the boundaries of filmmaking, opening it up to visual art, music, literature, performance, technology and architecture.  Below are a few examples of his wonderful graphic work.

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