Thursday, April 08, 2010

Eric Framond - Univers 2000

Library music is music made specifically for use in advertising, television, radio or film.  Most of it is rubbish.   This recording is probably my favourite library record.  It's full of dark, twisted, menacing, off kilter jazz, some of it dedicated to Satan, which is nice.  I'd love to know more about where this music eventually appeared, especially the track "Le Robot Casse".  Mr. Trunk has described it as thus, "Possibly a perfect record. Hard, jazzy, psychedelic and odd. And there are lots of ladies squealing behind insistent demonic rhythms which is what we like. Includes "Orgy With Satan" which is a title I am hugely envious of."


Zer0_II said...

I'm not sure if this music was actually used in the production of any films or television shows. Sadly enough the vast majority of library music wasn't. I'm not sure if you are aware, but "Eric Framond" is actually the alias of French composer Camille Sauvage. His album "Fantasmagories" is very similar in tone and composition to Univers 2000, so I'm sure you will enjoy it if you haven't already had the pleasure of listening to it.You can "Fantasmagories" posted on my blog here:

El 'Sdee said...

This is really amazing, as well as Sauvage. Montparnasse is full of great stuff just like DeWolfe, at least what i've been listening to.
Lots of odd arrangments and dreamy -or nightmarish - vocals.

Maybe those who like it would be pleased to know Zdenek Liska, Schaeffer's Symphonie pour un homme seul and Chene Noir's Aurora.
I would be too with more recommendations of music like this, which i'm just discovering.

Sorry about the band english.