Thursday, May 19, 2011

Anworth Kirk 2

Something wicked this way comes. Another unsolicited, dark and spectral missive drops through the Sound Awareness letterbox in the form of a new Anworth Kirk release.  Packaged in a rat chewed, hand pasted sleeve, this release is a much more caliginous and sage affair than its sister record. Like all good records, musically, it is difficult to pin down, part spirit rapping improv, part dim and eerie soundtrack, intense folk musique elides into Victorian grand parlour room Giallo schlock then dissipates in sound weaving patterns of lecture hall mesmerism. This is music of the ether, dark, nebulous and with many voices. Digital layering creates a seamless and complex atemporality, the folkloric becomes entwined with the technological present creating an utterly compelling and spellbinding new form of avant garde shadow electronica. This is a record to seek out and communicate with.

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jus'jay said...

Thanks, looks great!