Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Roundtable Mix

I'm always delighted when people introduce me to new sounds and images. This beautifully woven audio collage by Roundtable label boss, James Pianta, is perhaps a perfect example of this. I think it's a corker of a mix. I hope you do to. Tracklist in comments.


A Sound Awareness said...

Here's the tracklist.

1. Pierre Henry – Generique (Theme de Myriam). French Soundtrack.
2. Eric Demarsan - Vogel S’enfuit. French Crime Soundtrack.
3. Neil Ardley – Barren Landscape. UK Library Jazz
4. N.A.D.M.A – Atlantide Maya Veda Rhyton. Italian Spiritual Jazz.
5. Christopher Gunning – Ritual Murder. UK Soundtrack.
6. The Roundtable – Scarborough Fair. UK Consort Jazz.
7. Art Ensemble Of Chicago – Theme Amour Universal. US Jazz/French Soundtrack.
8. Cathie O’Sullivan – There’s Anguish. Australian Folk.
9. Rino De Filippi – Fissazione Nostalgica. Italian Library.
10. Rino De Filippi – L’uomo Che Fu. Italian Library.
11. Adjenar Sidhar Khan - Calcutta Devi. French Indo Psych.
12. G. Iacoucci – Agente Segreto. Italian Library.
13. Jim Minchin – A Hymne To God The Father. Australian Religious Jazz.
14. Sven Libaek – A Man And A Mural. Australian Documentary Music.
15. Marek Grechuta & Anawa – Widziec Wiecej. Polish Prog Folk.
16. Andrzej Kurylewicz – Oscillaziones. Polish Avant Garde as UK Library.
17. Bruce Devenish – Holy Communion Music. Australian Liturgical Jazz.
18. Don Cherry – Isla (The Sapphic Sleep). US Soundtrack.

øשlqæda said...


A Sound Awareness said...

Glad you liked it brother Owl!

DJ Kinetic said...

Nice one James! Props on including the great Jim Minchin track!

Dun Ra said...

Excellent! Really enjoyed this! Cheers