Monday, September 17, 2012

Recorded Music For Film, Radio & Television: Electronic Vol.1

Fans of dark electronic tape gloopage will have much to celebrate this month with the impending reissue of Tod Dockstader's long out of print library records on the Mordant Music label. Originally released in 1979 on the Boosey & Hawkes library imprint, "Electronic Volume One" is a masterpiece of future shock electronica for film, radio and television - a strange mixture of ominous oscillations, fluctuating electro sound tones and weirdly pastoral tape glitchwerk. Lend your ears to the oddly motorik vibrations of "Snap Sail" or the weirdly glacial drift of "Floating Up" and then pop over to Mordant manor for more info.


Keith Seatman said...

WOW!!!!! On my way to Mordant Music now. A tad excited about this.

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite artists--can't wait to hear this one in full! Nice job, Mordant Music.