Saturday, December 08, 2012


Blatz ozozap gazwrx. There it goes again. That noise. That strange noise. In a career that spanned some forty years, Jeff Keen is probably best known for his unique celluloid marvels of expanded cinema than being a noted practioner of sound art. Blatz, zoop, j-j-kino zoop, there he goes again, more odd noises. B-B-B-Bom. Blatzom. This is a strange record of giddy stroboscopic pixilated noise art. A wonderfully curated collection of radical musical gloopage featuring saturated day glo synths, interstellar incantations, lurid thrift shop sound edits, strangely decaying Atari presets and cheap 1950s microphones. It’s all a bit mental, it's all a bit back to the future-ish if you know what I mean, a curiously odd interzone of toyshop musique concrete, archaic B-Movie electronics and bubble gum sound poetry. As your ears adjust to the noise, a gloopy, joyous mess of audio primitive pop art is revealed. A most curious, wonderful and perplexing release.

Jeff Keen "Noise Art" is released in a limited vinyl edition of 500 copies worldwide. Each run of 100 copies has a different screen printed image selected from the sketchbooks of Jeff Keen. More info here.

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