Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Anatolian Anagrams & The Saxana OST

Those wonderful people at Finders Keepers sent me two rather amazing discs of recorded music today. "Turk Jerk" consists of edited Turkish psychedelic music by the anagrammatic, genre hopping genius known as Tandy Love.  This edition is housed in a hand stitched, silk screened cover with all the titles cleverly disguised as anagrams. Upon further investigation, I also discovered the above rather nifty Turkish comic book cappery hidden inside. I recommend you seek out a copy immediately.  On a very different musical agenda is the strange and beguiling music found on the test pressing of the upcoming Czech Saxana OST. This soundtrack has it all, dark menacing orchestrations, twisted Czech pop, enchanted forest folk melodies and the odd kick ass drumbeat. Hats off to Finders Keepers once again. 

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Ben said...

So the Saxana OST is good then? It's a bit buried in the mix in the Youtube clips. Nice score getting advance copy.