Saturday, August 07, 2010

Object: Gesture: Grid, St Ives And The International Avant-garde

I was thrilled to see this fantastic exhibition of Post-Second World War art which explored the development of Modernism. Highlights included; 
A small, untitled, painted wood sculpture by Ben Nicholson, circa 1936.
"Female Fig Leaf" by Marcel Duchamp which was made from Electroplated copper over plaster, circa 1950. 
"Linear Construction In Space No.1" by Naum Gabo which was made from perspex with nylon monofilament, conceived 1942, but probably executed in the 1960s.

...... and a fantastic, raw and spirited oil painting by Alfred Wallis [more of which later] entitled "Voyage to Labrador" , circa 1935-6.

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